About Us

Who is Meandering Life?


Meandering Life is two adventurous souls who decided that the 8-5 corporate grind wasn’t for them any longer.  There just had to be something better out there.  They were right!


On October 16th, 2017 they left their hometown of Evansville, Indiana with the goal of traveling the USA for one year.  Having only spent a few times in their new 30′ travel trailer prior to leaving they wanted to see if they could handle life on the road.  Well, not only did they adjust to the nomadic lifestyle very quickly, they thoroughly enjoyed it!  So very quickly the plan changed from a year on the road to a new lifestyle with the goal of traveling for the foreseeable future!

So they continue to travel, a meandering path, across the US with their two dachshunds, Sam and Allie.  What does the road have in store for them?  We hope you come back often to find out!

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